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Digital Transformation of Event & Physical Security

Jul 16, 2021 - 18:34 | 37 Viewed

The industry had always been out of the technological advancement where clients and all records were mainly dependent on after incident reports and decision making in relation to KPIs was rather a non correlated action. We have decided to introduce a new system to the United Kingdom Security Industry by fully offering a customised system access depending on requirements of the clients.

Genesis Int clients are able to access an open platform that provides the ability to collect data, make queries in relation to the data and to develop business strategies allowing them to make smarter more efficient business decisions.

The data clients are able to see is not limited to operational information or site incidents, they can lively even control the checkpoint tours, visualising all the information for the service they receive will have huge impact and relief in their day to day operations and compliance. Empowering our clients with high tech solutions will also provide outstanding analysis for regulation and licensing processes.

Physical security is a sensitive industry and as Genesis we proudly say that with us all clients will be staying a few steps ahead of the technology curve with their business through interactive dashboards with personalised reporting. We alleviate the pain of record keeping with specialist high-end event security provided by Genesis Int team, adding service value to our traditional security services with technological innovation.

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