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Covid-19 has changed the way we design our homes.

Jul 16, 2021 - 18:24 | 28 Viewed

Every home has its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies combines with its owners, but Covid-19 has made surprising changes to our reaction for designs and colours.

Within house design in Dark Blue International, we have seen a huge impact on vibrant colour schemes being on demand when we spent more time indoors, neutral will always be a choice for many although we started seeing a number of people looking for striking colour rugs or bedding to accomplish their taste and mood. Playful prints had also been a target of the season by many users switching from plains and neutral looks.


Our new collection is packed with blossoms, opulent glamour, retro bohemia, and vintage style show-stopping bedding sets. Intricate chinoiserie designs and mustards, water greens with vintage colour selections added soul to our linens, cushions, and all-around with soft furnishings.

Overnight guests, when we were allowed more flexibility to socialize, had been wowed with the changes in our homes and as a company, we took pride in adapting to new needs and changes of your environments. Warm yellows from heart, passionate reds, calming greens and spiritual blues have brought different aspects to our lives and interiors.


Romantic noirs have not been forgotten certainly anything low-key about our new collection of bedding and fabrics, with piping ends, brata stitch, ruffles and braiding adding intrigue to each item in the collection.


A home is a place where we find warmth, life, soul, and human touch. It is important to feel it is truly lived in when we enter a home and this sometimes means chaos, which is a beautiful sentiment in design. We hope you will find much about yourself in the collection of Stanley Hamilton of London.

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