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API Solution for the Integration of Applications and Cloud Services in Real-Time

Jul 16, 2021 - 18:31 | 19 Viewed

Y & D Limited offers Integration and exchange of data in real-time for all clients-controlled, secure, and flexible to enhance the user experience and interface with the latest technology.

Today’s economy does not allow companies to get behind in technology especially digital technologies that offer significant opportunities by cloud services, e-commerce and mobile applications generate value and income by targeting the right audience for your projects. Real-time information has become a source key for success, and we need APIs to present real-time information to users.

Y & D Limited offers a solution to empower the interconnection between systems, applications, and devices to bring you a key to digital success.

Transparency and control enable companies to operate with less administration, leading to a more efficient workforce and KPIs of operations may be analytically easier to determine the areas your business needs to focus on with full functionality.

Our solution protects your data assets and applications from unauthorized access, web-based application for managing APIs, with customized role-based features minimising the administration and communication between the service provider and your company. The main advantages of using our API Solutions are reducing complexity, creating simplicity and full controlled operations in real-time with transparency. Recent changes during the pandemic have brought flexible working hours from anywhere to our lives, our system made it easier to implement for companies as they all required web-based access to their fully customized dashboard to check up on their business anywhere/anytime.

We are now more adapted to receive all information in real-time when a delivery is expected to arrive for an order, we even expect to know how many steps the driver is away, or even when the doorbell rings being home or not, seeing the ringer on the door is not an issue anymore, in a world where technology evolves everyday businesses need to adapt to these disruptive emerging technologies to provide for their customers’ expectations. If you need API integration on your business, we are here to address all points to attain and help you to establish the technology needed for a smooth transition.

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