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That Fat Cow

What will happen when a chef with a top Wagyu dealer and two foodies set out in search of the highest quality Halal beef the planet offers?
The FAT COW is born.

We're the only Halal butchers that you can trust and offer nationwide delivery for the home cooks who love steak and also innovative small-scale restaurants.

UK Halal beef hasn't earned the greatest reputation. It's usually of poor quality and with very little intramuscular marbling. That Fat Cow is here to transform that. You'll find amazing steaks from around the world.

Dry-age our own grass-fed UK meat, and obtain the finest grains-finished steaks from our sources in the US, Chile, Australia and Japan. The quality will be evident in every bite.

We believe that animals that have been handled gently and humanely yield the highest quality meat. We take great care to ensure that all our meat is from farms that value humane treatment for animals. They also do not contain antibiotics, growth promoters or added hormones and is fed vegan diets that are 100% vegetarian.

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