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Sticks'n'Sushi Covent Garden

Explore Japanese dining experience within Covent Garden will provide outstanding taste, excellent customer service and a unique atmosphere. If you're planning to go to the branch, be prepared to be amazed by the exquisite types of Sushi with memorable dining experiences. Sticks'n'Sushi Covent Garden is highly regarded for its excellent service, a wide selection of cuisine and exceptional service to all its valued customers.

Booking a table is the first step towards experiencing the ultimate taste and distinct and unique restaurant atmosphere. There are alternative dishes available to those who are not favouring fish. Chicken, as well as beef, pork and other meats, are included in our menu.

As Christmas is nearly there, we're providing a unique dining experience, a sushi-inspired meal served with sticks and a little bit of Christmas spirit.

You're entitled to an enjoyable holiday filled with pleasure, most importantly without the stress, so leave the cooking task on your shoulders to professionals.

The chefs at the restaurant display their expertise and experience to ensure that people who love sushi, meat and those avid about greens will be served at the best level.

The Covent Garden The Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurant is ideal for those who want to be in the heart of London's famous theatre district. The restaurant is just only a few steps to The Strand and Leicester Square. The interior is exquisite and the menu is a delight. an array of Japanese-inspired cocktails that will make your shopping spree or theatre.

The building is situated at Henrietta Street, named after the wife of Charles I. The building was constructed in 1631 and the stunning old building has been through many changes since. It was an Australian pub for a long time prior to our move-in. Australian pale ale has been replaced by our own sake and Sushi'n'Biiru wheat beer.

The exterior of the Covent Garden restaurant has a black exterior. The tiny house with its large marquee and black door is tucked away in other historic buildings. The walls are rough and rustic interior, while the windows allow the grey English sunlight to enter the restaurant. Two fireplaces were discovered in the course of restoration and decided to design the interior in a manner that reflected the past of the structure.

Our menu is a staple that is packed with meat, vegetables, fish. And of course, top-quality sushi. There's plenty for all, no matter if they prefer raw or grilling. It's even a healthy combination of sushi, grill delights, and vibrant salads. The fresh vegetables are available and our menus are inventive and entice the senses. As always, we serve treats, Japanese drinks, as well as sake (and should you prefer raw fish served with carbonated drinks it is easily set up, too.).
We are looking forward to seeing guests at our "Stories'n'Sushi restaurant located in Covent Garden.

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