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About Tonzo

Tonzo is a global AI Authenticated review and e-commerce marketplace entry platform connecting consumers with local suppliers. We have been established in 2021 and provide an extensive list of businesses with easy access to digital marketing tools for the collection of customer reviews & ratings with segments of value for money, customer service, expertise & quality. Tonzo also provides entry to the e-commerce marketplace for all businesses with no knowledge or extensive experience and the tools to generate higher revenue by creating deals for their product and services.

Tonzo will allow a disruption in the digital marketplace to take place with an AI-Driven scoring system for online reviews. This challenging technology is not available in the market and consumers find themselves relying on online reviews with no verification process in place that scores the authenticity of reviews for a business or product. The electronic voice of consumers is an important tool for businesses to have followers, regular customers, successful product launches, wider recognition and fruitful branding activity. Tonzo has approximately 300,000 UK businesses registered on its platform, the need that arose from businesses reviews is not verified at all is also being a bridge between the customers and businesses with no regulations, wrongly reflected marketing can cause higher sales that are not well deserved and losses for consumers who hoped to get good quality service or product. Tonzo decided to bring innovation to the review aspect of the online marketplace by verifying the reviews for their authenticity by using artificial intelligence tools with advanced technology applications. This is a clear sharp requirement in the world of reviews, being used as a tool for commercial gains as a priority. Having developed Tonzo got motivated to enhance the verification process for reviews to reflect a more reliable, dependable, trustworthy review platform for consumers & businesses.

Our platform combines many services to bring one multifunctional application to users, allowing to search for businesses, check out ratings, testimonials of customers, follow favourite business & brands, get notified about active deals in one simple platform. Making life so easy for users that they no longer have to look for other options to get anything completed in their to-do list for the day and with accessible savings it stands out.

Tonzo provides a huge opportunity to businesses to promote their business with verified ratings and reviews, drive traffic to their own website with specific keyword phrases related to services. We have unrivalled search engine prominence that results in a high number of visits to meaning potential customers visiting every day to listed businesses with high likely engagements resulting in sales.

Tonzo is a project that will combine the needs of users and businesses in one platform that can function in many different ways to fulfill all the needs.